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Quite often I would hear Anu reprimanding Gopal and he would respond to her scoldings and shoutings with lowered head. We both thought of him as an innocent timid viilager, so much so that Anu was hardly much cautious of herself and her clothing, with him around. This went on for a few days, and my wife had no clue about it. I searched in my home PC , for the sexy pictures of Anu which I had shot. It had many pictures of hers, including the one where she was masturbating with her vibrator.

She would wear nighties or skirts in the night, and at times while lying down on the couch and watching TV, they would expose her legs and calves. I made some prints of those pictures, put them in an envelope and kept them next to her clothes in the cupboard.

By around 4 pm I had completed my office work and was sitting around with nothing much to do. I had kept my camera on in our house and it was logged onto the yahoo. As far I remembered, I had allowed both my ids to be able to "Always" connect to each other.

Main ja raha hoon" I instructed our servant "Theek hai sahab" He replied.

Then he put my wife's used undergarment' s back in the bin and left the room.

Then he took the used panty and bra in his hand and started smelling them, as he started rubbing his groin against the panty on the bed. I didn't want to be, but couldn't help my mind an body reacting to our servant's antics. Seeing this was more than I could take and immediately came.

As his cock came into view I saw that he already had a hard on.

That was pretty quick considering he had hardly spent a minute in front of the bathroom door.

That our servant was watching her in the nude and masturbating.

In another fifteen minutes time she left for office.

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My wife was authorative and treated him as if he were a child who should listen to everything, which he did and because of that we trusted him a lot.