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On the soldering iron idea, Darkroom wouldn't even need to add the steam special effect.Soldering irons generally don't glow bright red, but they do get hot enough to burn skin easily (I've done it accidentally and it hurts plenty).More importantly the level of sexual violence coincides closely with my personal taste. Thanks Darkness Monger: I do remember a story by that name (Undisclosed Sources) with that plot but the soldering iron doesn't ring a bell. The good news is I only have a few paragraphs left to write.The bad news is I could have written that months ago.Unfortunately, neither of us still had a hard copy of the story. It was a reported who was interrogated into revealing who gave her the info, and she was fixed over a metal frame, a spiky metal thing covered with irritant was shoved up her pisshole and then a soldering iron was used on her breasts, later she was gagged with a dirty rag so she couldn't even confess and the soldering iron was prepared for use on her spread open vagina. I've been trying to find it for some time, or try to remember who the author was.None of her stories on BDSM Library is quite on that level, but several are first rate, with beautifully described women, ingenious but not outlandish torments, and heartless villains. And speaking of heavy interrogations was wondering if there is some update on Room3? As for Room 3, oddly enough I wrote a paragraph this morning after not touching it for months.

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A kickboxing instructor when she's not being put to the question, she has rock-hard abs and a feminine physique that most women would die for and most men want to destroy.