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I better get ready for three consecutive nights of terrible sleep. When you're seeing someone, even if you wake up every hour at their house, you can always find a reason to crash back at yours the next day. If she's never seen you with a few days' worth of stubble, this can be a risky play. We'll commit seppuku on the side of the highway before we risk emasculating ourselves and ask for directions.13. We're not sure we have enough stories to fill up an entire dinner conversation, let alone two days.

Should we bring flash cards with conversation topics on them?

No more waiting until we're back at our house to poop. All the weird ticks are going to come out this weekend, and that's frightening. And most importantly: Do you sleep with the TV on or off? Unless we're getting a free ride, we're going to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to pay next month's rent.10. "Winging it" felt fun and spontaneous before, but what if we get up there and there's nothing to do?

At some point, we both will have to walk into a bathroom that the other one has absolutely destroyed.5. You'll probably wind up seeing us hungry or overtired or just plain cranky.7. Should I bring a razor, or go for the weekend beard? What if we just sit in our room and stare at each other all weekend? I can't forget a car charger and maybe even a backup GPS.

He wanted an afternoon nap every day, whereas I wanted to go-go-go exploring all day and night, getting the most out of every minute.

If we had to do it again, we’d probably make a more lax schedule, with things we had to see as well as optional ones.

A few years ago, I gave up texting (I’d been an addict), so now I can be fine not looking at my phone for hours at a time. However, due to this, I don’t know if my then-boyfriend actually spent a lot of time with his phone or if I’m just ultra-aware of people’s phone habits after doing a 180 with mine.

That's not usually how these bed and breakfast kind of weekends go, but a man can dream.2. It is not possible to hold a fart in for three days. Retainers, teeth whitening strips, or sleep apnea masks.

An ideal weekend away is a 72-hour sex marathon in a fancy hotel, stocked with Gatorade and energy bars to rehydrate and replenish in between. We will miss those things every moment we are not having the most fun ever.4.

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Going on that first trip with a significant other is a milestone in every relationship, and is a great way to test your compatibility and ability to compromise before moving in together.” - Heidi Muller Hopefully, the trip won’t tear you apart.

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