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State mandating gardasil

Treatment of precursor lesions by minor surgical procedures is completely effective in preventing cervical cancer.Thus, there is no compelling public health rationale for mandating HPV vaccine in school-aged children.Gardasil was also nearly 100 percent effective in preventing genital warts associated with HPV 6 and HPV 11.It is not yet known whether the vaccine will provide decades-long protection over the sexual life of a woman immunized when young, or a girl immunized in her preteen years.

Over a 4- to 5-year period of observation, they have been nearly 100 percent effective in preventing incident persistent infections and cervical intra-epithelial neoplasia by HPV types in the vaccine.HPV is spread by intimate sexual contact and therefore is not an epidemic infectious disease among school-aged children.Most infections are harmless, and screening methods (Pap smear and HPV testing) are available to identify individuals who are at risk of cervical cancer, which occurs 10 to 20 years following initial infection.It is anticipated that vaccinated women will have significantly fewer Pap smear abnormalities and therefore less need for treatment of cervical precursor lesions.Pap smear screening will still be required, but at lengthier intervals.

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The recognition that invasive carcinoma of the uterine cervix is the end result of some genital tract human papillomavirus (HPV) infections and the development of prophylactic vaccines to prevent these infections are major recent achievements of public health medicine.

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