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When a major news presenter so plainly despises, in four-letter words, our biggest party in the Commons, what does it say about him and his programme?

In a 2015 interview with The Guardian — where else?

For that matter, how can he ever again conduct a studio discussion that involves anyone who represents the Tory Party (provided they would want to send anyone along)? We bump into each other at political speeches and policy launches, and he is a genial cove.

He also has a quick-witted manner on-screen and a good voice and, at 69, retains enviable energy.

The truth is that it is currently the Brexiteers, the small- staters, the personal freedom advocates, who are the outsiders.

If those kids begging Snow for selfies at Glastonbury had thought about it, they might have seen that the sort of high Government spending demanded by Snow's Labour friends will actually end up having to be paid by their generation, not his.

— Snow claimed that he was 'the most anti-Establishment person I know'. Snow may not have completed his undergraduate degree at Liverpool University (he was kicked out for taking part in a 1970 anti-apartheid socialist protest), but he is not stupid.

The damage this did to the Lib Dems was a great help to Labour. When Snow screamed those words at Glastonbury, incidentally, did he mean Tory ministers, Tory MPs, Tory activists and members, or the millions of people who voted for Conservatives in the General Election?The Corbyns and Snows, far from being friends of younger voters, represent a deadly serious financial threat to their futures by encouraging a catastrophically irresponsible borrowing binge.The miracle of last year's EU referendum was not only that it was ever held — something Snow's Establishment friends had long been trying to prevent — but also that it was won in the face of a prolonged propaganda bombardment by the political elite. ', constitutes a 'better world' that Snow says he wants to see? How can Snow ever again introduce a news segment about hate speech or violence against politicians?Snow is plainly, stinkingly party political — and foul-mouthed, to boot.That might not matter were we talking about a junior reporter or occasional studio pundit, but this is a so-called doyen of British broadcast journalism, who, five nights a week, presents the main news bulletin on one of our terrestrial TV channels.

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Whoop, whoop, whoop went some members of the crowd.

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