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Secret dating Koblenz

They are both against immigration, view Islam critically and they reject the European Union and the euro – at least in their current state – and they would like to reinforce the nation as an entity.

The same holds true for Dutch politician Geert Wilders from the Party for Freedom.

"If we had not done it, they would have sued," added the mayor.

He will, however, be pleased about the fact that a broad counter-alliance with the slogan "Koblenz remains diverse" has formed and will demonstrate on Saturday.

There are people in the Af D who think Petry's appearance at the gathering is wrong.

"That is a pure ENF matter that has nothing to do with the Af D," says Jörg Meuthen, who ironically makes up the party's leadership duo with Petry.

She does not want to be seen as a right-wing extremist and nor does she want her party, Alternative for Germany (Af D), to be labeled as such.

Despite that fact - or maybe even due to that fact - the National Front is still successful.

In all three elections, the right-wing parties will probably achieve good results, but no one is predicting that they will run governments.DW guest columnist Krsto Lazarevic warns we've grown used to ubiquitous hatred. The former co-head of the far-right Af D has kicked off her "Blue party" and its corresponding civil forum the "Blue Change." Although Petry's promises an alternative to the Af D, their platforms sing a very similar tune.Meeting in Prague, right-wing leaders from across Europe have praised Austria's anti-immigration party joining the new coalition government.The so-called "Magdeburg Declaration on Early Sexualization" limits teaching on homo-, trans- and bisexuality.() The right-wing groups that have gathered in Koblenz do not mention their differences.

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The head of the SPD and deputy Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel wants to join the march as do representatives of the Green Party, the left-wing party Die Linke and even the Social Democrat foreign minister of Luxembourg, Jean Asselborn.