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Sacramento dating events

Many in the audience scowl or shake their heads in disbelief, but only one man challenges this advice. The singles get their cocktails and settle into tables on the periphery of the dance floor.Alison Carey and Linda Coker, two professional-looking single moms, sit together watching the DJ’s lights oscillate across the empty floor. Carey explains they’ve traveled from Davis because, “Davis is a college town and we’re not exactly college-aged.” Though they hope to meet people tonight, they’re reluctant to get out and mingle.My ex-wife wants me to find someone so I won’t bug her.” Lomeli pulls out his wedding ring, which he wears on a gold chain tucked under his shirt. “I want the excitement of someone new, of looking forward to what we’re going to do next.” The room is thick with hesitancy.Few attendees seem as positive as Reno resident Helaine Greenberg, who takes a Zen-like approach to being single.Ever the party host, Gosse whispers something to the DJ and invites everyone to join him for “the greatest dance song of all time.” No one moves, so he takes Linda Coker by the hand and leads her onto the floor.More couples follow suit until nearly everyone is up.

The women, on the other hand, sit upright in rows of chairs on the dance floor and expectantly face an unattended mike stand.They have dressed with care; lips glossed, hair sprayed and polite smiles hovering on their lips.Some hold notebooks on their laps, pens at the ready.Though the ring seems ironic, given his title, it lends an air of authenticity to his advice.His ideas must be effective, because he has met his goal and found a mate.

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The game starts with mastering dating strategy at a convention The middle-aged professionals gathered for the Northern California Singles Convention have resorted to the “Everything I Need to Know, I Learned in Junior High” approach to mingling.

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