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I assume that this was mainly done so as to meet the competition of Font Shop's FF DIN (by Albert-Jan Pool). and Type Bank Co, Ltd) developed a very useful free full Latin/Kanji/unicode "didone style" font called XANO-mincho-U32 (2003). [ Original fonts for Mac and PC, mostly Latin letters, but also a few kana typefaces: AKAkubit12H, AKElephant3, AKMy Prince (2004), AKOsaru H, AKOsaru R, AK-Keroyon (2003, alphadings), Akubin (handwriting), AKApprique Black, AKANGEL, AKApplique White, AKUNCIAL, AKCalligraphy, 09Keroyon (2004), AK Jelly Beans (2004), AK-Piyoko (2004, egg dingbats), AK woopaa, AK Roopaa, AK-Halloween (2004, dings), AK Sweet Prison (2004, Fraktur), AK-Black Castle (blackletter, 2004), AK-Winter Yawns (2004, winter dings). Has a page showing all fonts that support the various Unicode ranges. [ Free downnloads of Ahem, Clockopia, Droid Sans-Bold, Droid Sans, Droid Sans Fallback, Droid Sans Fallback, Droid Sans Hebrew, Droid Sans Japanese, Droid Sans Mono, Droid Sans Thai, Droid Serif-Bold, Droid Serif-Bold Italic, Droid Serif-Italic, Droid Serif, Motoya LCedar-W3-90ms-RKSJ-H, Motoya LMaru-W3-90ms-RKSJ-H.

Fontshop: Acanthus (2000, large Fontfont family), FF Clifford (gorgeous text face! In 2009, he and Hermann Zapf cooperated on Virtuosa Classic, a calligraphic script that updates and revives Zapf's own 1952-1953 creation, Virtuosa. AK-Shanghai 1930 (2005), AK-Japonesque (2005), AK-My Baby (2005, child dingbats), KS Lovers (2007, handwritten Latin and kana). Droid (2007) and Clockopia (2009) are by by Google (2007) and Motoya is by Motoya Corporation (2010).

In 2016, Akira Kobayashi and Sandra Winter codesigned Applied Sans (32 styles) at Monotype. Ahem (2010, Todd Fahrner) is for the CSS Samurai's browser testing. [ Graphic designer in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria who created Rising Typeface in 2013, for which he took inspiration from samurai warriors. [ Vendor of Mac and PC fonts for several languages and from a variety of companies.

They also started selling and licensing IBM's Heisei family of Japanese fonts in April 2005: Heisei Kaku Gothic, Heisei Maru Gothic and Heisei Mincho. This savings in space by reusing pierces of font outlines is useful for high quality (scalable) fonts on mobile devices and digital TVs. [ Commercial Japanese truetype fonts (kanji) by Masahiro Suzuki. [ Yasutaka Sato's free techno and/or pixel fonts made between 20 include Asos19101357, Asos19101357Bold Italic, Asosbeats01, Curvic, Curvic Oblique, HDF, Lignor, Linernix, and Thundercity. And unlike other compact font formats, such as stroke or stick fonts, the quality of Ascender Compact Asian Fonts is such that no embedded bitmaps are necessary for typical screen sizes. A partial list of their fonts, all made in 2004: 53Seed Extended, 53Veda, 53Veda Extended, 55Kana, 55Kana Extended, 75Naga, 75Naga Extended, 76Naga Bold, 76Naga Bold Extended, 88Zen.On December 8, 2010, Ascender was acquired by Monotype for 10.2 million dollars.Their typefaces include Endurance (2004, Steve Matteson, an "industrial strength" Grotesk designed to compete with Helvetica and Arial; it supports Greek, Cyrillic and East European languages).

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Diotima Classic (2008, with Gudrun Zapf von Hesse) revives Gudrun's Diotima from 1951.

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