Radiocarbon dating facilities

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Welcome to the British Society for the Turin Shroud page of this website.We are very proud to serve as the Society's host and help bring this fine organization and their important Shroud work to the Internet.We wish to thank Chris Jones (BSTS Member) in England, for designing the original BSTS html pages for issues #43 through #48, Ian Wilson (former Editor of the BSTS Newsletter), in Australia, for editing all the issues up to #54, and Judith Wilson for converting issues #49 through #53 of the newsletter into the Acrobat PDF files we now use.In 2002, Mark Guscin ( became the new editor and he is located in Spain.Finally, in January 2013 we added five monographs that were presented at BSTS meetings in the 1980's and 1990's.It is truly a great pleasure to work with our good friends at the BSTS in making this complete archive of their important newsletter and other valuable materials available online.Universit di Bologna (Editor's Note: The original paper had 59 footnotes and 39 illustrations that are not included in this online version).

Bruno Barberis and Piero Savarino "A Clean Cloth" What Greek Word Usage Tells Us about the Burial Wrappings of Jesus - by Diana Fulbright Editorial - by Mark Guscin The Mystical Revelations of Anne Catherine Emmerich And The Turin Shroud - by Joe Derham News from Italy Sindone Shroud Suaire Grabtuch Sabana - DVD Review by Ian Wilson Obituary - Noel Currer-Briggs - by Ian Wilson Carbon 14 Dating Invalidated?

Ray Rogers' Article - by Mark Guscin Brother John's Holiday by Matt Ryan - Book Review by Mark Guscin Editorial - by Mark Guscin The Sermon of Gregory Referendarius - by Mark Guscin Who's Who in the Shroud World - An Interview with Ray Rogers The Mandylion in Sakli - by Lennox Manton News from Italy Gospel of Gamaliel: Early Evidence for the Survival of Jesus' Shroud - by Dan Scavone Editorial - by Mark Guscin The Passion of Christ Directed by Mel Gibson - by Mark Guscin Shroud of Christ Documentary, Two Reviews and an Interview with the Director - by Mark Guscin Forelocks in Early Christian Tradition - by Diana Fulbright (with 10 illustrations from color centerfold) The Museum of the Shroud - by Bruno Barberis Who's Who in the Shroud World - An Interview with Bruno Barberis Who's Who in the Shroud World - An Interview with Barrie Schwortz Shroud Copies - by Daniel Duque Torres Back to Basics: The Shroud and Father Martin Haigh - by Ian Wilson Editorial - by Mark Guscin The Shroud at the Edinburgh Festival - by Mark Guscin Who's Who in the Shroud World - David Rolfe - by Mark Guscin Who's Who in the Shroud World - Richard Orareo - by Mark Guscin (with 3 photographs from color centerfold) News From Italy - by Mark Guscin The Face of the Faces of Christ Report on the 7th Annual "Volti di Volti" Congress - by Rebecca Jackson and John Jackson Shroud Chapels in North Italy - by Reggie Norton, BSTS Treasurer Shroud Restoration Data - from LINTEUM, the Spanish Center for Sindonology (CES) magazine Book Review - Sindone 2002 by Mechtild Flury-Lemberg - by Ian Wilson Book Review - The Tomb of Christ by Martin Biddle - by Ian Wilson Obituary - Professor J.

Malcolm ('Taffy') Cameron - by Ian Wilson Editorial - by Mark Guscin A Response To Recent BSTS Editorials - by Prof. Meacham asked me to include this link to his website where he responds to comments made in several recent BSTS editorials.

However, as it is not the policy of this website to take sides in such matters, the viewer is reminded that the opinions expressed therein are solely those of the respective authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the editor). - by Mark Guscin A Shroud-related Victim of the Iraq War - by Ian Wilson Editorial - by Mark Guscin The New, Restored Turin Shroud - by Ian Wilson Joseph of Arimathea, The Holy Grail & the Edessa Icon - by Prof.

Spanish Centre for Sindonology Celebrates 15th Anniversary - by Mark Guscin News From Italy - by Mark Guscin The Chemistry of Autocatalytic Processes in the Context of the Shroud of Turin - by Ray Rogers Chronological Listing of Supporting Texts (from an article that appeared in Issue #56) - by Prof. Dan Scavone The Image on the Shroud of Turin: Clues from the Volckringer & Russell Effects - by Allan Mills The Shroud Sent to Louis IX of France by Baldwin II, the Latin Emperor at Constantinople - by César Barta The IV CIELT International Symposium, Paris 2002 - by César Barta Who's Who in the Shroud World - Prof.

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This page functions as a "gateway" and provides a Table of Contents and direct links to an archive of their Newsletters and other BSTS materials.

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