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We came across Sophie Mudd's Instagram a couple of months back and as the saying goes, the rest was history.

Ever since, she's become one of our absolute favorite models on the rise. Between streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu, we truly are living in the Golden Age of Television.

We're pretty sure the common assumption is that most dudes are down for whatever permitting the...

We've said it before and we'll say it again — we don't exactly love playing favorites here at FHM, but, of course, it's inevitable!

It doesn't involve much commitment outside of, well, one night, and it gives a guy confidence that...

Another day, another health study that completely turns our world upside down — today we're going to be discussing how Ibuprofen, a drug we've been taking since, oh, we don't know, freakin'...

Sigh, getting a girlfriend, man, it can be a real freakin' pain in the ass.

The number of things that have to occur before she says yes, well, it can feel infinite. Man, we've gotta give ourselves a round of applause — we're on a roll this week with introducing y'all to some gorgeous fresh faces and hot Instagram model Jaearah is absolutely no exception. It's safe to say that, without much debate, the Star Wars franchise is the most prolific sci-fi franchise ever.

Sex robots, maybe, but not freakin' robot strippers.

There's always been a lot of debate about who the richest person in the world really is, because, unless there's a system that accurately counts real, cold hard cash and the estimated price of...

When it comes to long term marijuana use, we say to each their own!

Now watch how he fucks me through ripped pantyhose and cum on my face!

He is seeking a GFE from me with special requests of wearing traditional Chinese dress and pantyhose without underwear.

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It's just a little too The Jetsons meets the...

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