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Online sex education lessons

The current SRE guidelines have not been updated since the year 2000.

Ministers say this is "unacceptable" and want new guidance for autumn 2019.

"Just 13% of LGBT young people have learnt about healthy same-sex relationships." Thomas Pascoe, campaign director of the Coalition for Marriage, said: "Under these proposals, the leading agent in the early sexualisation of children would be the state itself.

"We should be teaching young children broad values of respect and tolerance, not ordering them to accept adult sexual relationships which they are far too young to understand." Who's going to lead the consultation?

The eight-week consultation will be led by Ian Bauckham, who was awarded the CBE in 2017 for services to education.

Let kids discover the wonders of porn on their own and don't make them feel weird or self-conscious about it. S pop 318.2 million, Mexico pop 122.3 million , Russia 143.5 million S.

It comes after Education Secretary Justine Greening announced sex and relationships education would be made compulsory in all schools in England earlier this year.

The update to statutory guidance follows concerns that current advice, last set in 2000, is out-of-date and does not address 'sexting', online safety and cyberbullying, as well as mental wellbeing and LGBT issues.

But they should also be made aware of addiction and the problems it can lead to.

It seems to me that nowadays if any country wanted to have good sex-ed courses, they would need to come together with some psychology and/or sociology stuff, perhaps even legal, not just sex biology. The goals and objectives of said education have no doubt changed dramatically since then, not even considering social and technological changes that bring new issues.

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He said he hoped the initiative would "improve provision for all our young people in all types of school".

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