One tree hill stars dating

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One tree hill stars dating

These first humans were o, our story starts with the Andites as a pure Mesopotamian story.I wish I could say the Adamites and the Nodites only lived in what would later become Sumeria but nothing's that simple.The Andites as a whole are one of the most important races (unknown to moderns) to have an impact on civilization.As you can see by the map their main origin was on the margins of Mesopotamia.And it is most appropriate that part of this story starts here in the wilds of Central Asia.

This "third Eden" was located in the foothills of the Kopet Dagh where Van had lived all those millennia.

It took the coming of the Andites and the culture they created to reveal this incredible legend.

The Andites are legendary in their own right being from the bloodline of Adam and Eve and the Nodite remnants of the original fallen.

These pre-date the Mesopotamian Andites by about 15,000 years being of the extended family of Adamson and Ratta.

This map has the Andites along the Oxus River and about the Aral Sea, a huge inland fresh water lake which would have invited any number of animals.

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Four unaired episodes were released in syndication and on [adult swim] in 2010.