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Nam ji hyun and park hyungsik dating websites

Lee Yuri was at her her best acting i have ever seen.gonna miss all the couples in here.. This drama is absolutely fantastic, words cannot describe.

This is the first time I watched a 50 episode drama and I didnt regret watching it... I personally have no patience for any drama over 20, but this, I did not miss a single episode.

Lee Mi Do, who cast as Yoo Joo looks the same age as So Hee Jung, who cast as Yoo Joo’s mom. Lee Mi Do is definitely way too old for Yoo Joo’s role. Lee Mi Do is far far too old to cast as Kim Yoo Joo. I’m sick of watching Kim Yoo Joo in this show due to Lee Mi Doo. i recommend this drama one of the best family dramas. those who are second thinking because it has 52 ep dont worry it wont be boring at all.

There are many more younger looking and actress who can act better than Lee Mi Do for Yoo Joo’s role.

Seriously the best family drama i have ever watched.gonna miss this drama..i think i will watch this drama again some time.. Ever cast member was amazing and all the story lines never got dull or lacking. Really wish they would extend to more but I know the actors have other projects to get to.

In the final two episodes, I am waiting for more great acting by Lee Yu-ri as Byun Hye-young defending her father during his retrial and clearing the road ahead for her entire family. Many thanks to its entire team - and also to the subbers who are so fast and good. I love all the romance between the members of Byun Han so family. Also the in laws of Hyeyoung consume huge amount of time every week with an irrelevant storyline.

Everything's working out okay and that just means the end is near, am so sad!!! Maybe they could have reduced the episodes slightly and tightened the whole storyline and focused more on the JH and Mi Young track sweet moments.

Too many times lying on the part of the characters is just a lazy writer using the "easy way out" instead of doing the hard work of creative writing. Byung Mi-Young the introverted, deeply considerate and attentive second sister . Is their anyway to send gifts to the cast of my father is strange...

People do not have to lie, it is just laziness on their part. Youngest sister Ra-Young whose emotions often take over, but is no pushover when it comes to her dealings with the father of her boyfriend Park Cheolsoo! I find Song Ok-Suk really good as the self-absorbed, ignorant and greedy Oh Bok-Nyo, who is constantly being tested as the future mother-in-law of Byun Hye-young. Can anybody give me the address to send gifts from India....

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But it's ok, i am extremely happy that LJ and JSM are real couple now. But my favorite couple is Byun Ra-Young and Park Cheol-Soo also i love theirs love story and chemistry ☺️☺️ Ofcource i love main character's love story and theirs car kiss scene and when she beg to his mom for give permission to dating and lee joon hear everything that was just wounderful Every one is fantastic. I really like Lee Joon as Ahn Joong-Hee and curious about his other works, so I searched for his older dramas and was surprised that I have actually watched 2 of his dramas without knowing that this is the same actor. Ryu Soo- Young also great, he gives the funny and loving side of the story. THANKS & CONGRATULATIONS to the most awesome writers, cast and crew in producing the BEST EVER DRAMA!

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