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The only involvement Shu has or wants with Inari is government business, but he's not exactly convinced the Amamizu-kan complex (where Tsukimi lives with her otaku roommates) should be torn down as she proposes.

So what do you do when you're a selfie-addicted seductress bent on getting her way?

Winning over a wizard would only get that much more complicated when you've been bewitched by a spell that ages you beyond the help of even the most expensive beauty cream.

You should know who you’re dating (or in this case, wish you could date) before you move into his steampunk-ish walking castle, but between Howl’s ever-changing hair and Sophie’s mysterious morphing back into her younger self by moonlight, neither knows who the other is supposed to be.

Snobbish 13-year-old earl Ciel Phantomhive is stifled by Lizzie's over-the-top efforts to be ridiculously cute for him in every humanly possibly way.

She's all frilly dresses and flowers and hair ribbons while he remains the somber Gothic aristocrat.

Then you keep giving him post-meeting reminders that you did reprehensible things forever immortalized on the internet. Not to hate on interspecies dating, but it doesn't get much weirder than falling in love with a goldfish — even if she's really a hybrid of human and goldfish genes that came out of the union of a mad sorcerer and a mermaid (don't ask).

It gets even weirder when said goldfish-girl sprouts limbs and washes up onto the shore to walk right next to human crush Sosuke.

She could be walking next to him in human form one moment and then devolve into something fishier when it rains. This relationship redefines the Facebook concept of "it's complicated." There is a reason Ponyo's father was so overprotective he imprisoned her — and her hundred or so sisters that spawned from his own strange love affair — in a bubble.

Though Ciel despises his birthday because it memorializes the murder of his parents, Lizzie insists on cheering him up by throwing the reluctant earl an uber-kawaii party sugared over with stuffed animals and so much pink it could give anyone a toothache before ever taking a bite of cake.

Even candy isn't always sweet (and sometimes there might be a bitter secret hidden in the middle).

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