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From this, there doesn't seem many more to try beyond Mc Intosh & Fisher that would need importing as not sold much-at all in the UK.

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The first book attempts to be an all-in guide to Hifi covering a lot in one 180 page book.

There are 2 early integrated amps & that bad-idea tri-amping that got revived later on.

Some of these will now be unfindable & £1k sort of items.

Power ratings may say 10w in 1956 but beyond that no definition of 10w of peak, music, RMS, or into which ohms rating.

So research these elsewhere to see the ratings we'd use today, but from the 1956-57 ones the ratings look like RMS so only later did the USA type misleading ratings begin. If noted in the book, output valves that are still favoured today are noted: EL84, EL34, KT66 & KT88.

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If you've read these facts before, it's not too interesting, but in 1956 it will have been well received.

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