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Loneliness dating site

“The telepresence robot goes out on your behalf,” Karen says.

It is a small, white avatar, designed to sit on a desk with its head down until a remote user signs on at home through their tablet or phone.So the day you are there in the classroom, it’s not a big deal, because everyone spoke to you yesterday.” Jade, who lives in the North East, was the first UK user of AVI, though there are about 700 AV1s in use across the world.She got used to using it in the holidays, when her dad would take it to the shops so that Jade could pick out her own fruit and toiletries.Since that time, Anne Fi had been doing whatever she could to help children with illnesses battle loneliness.The feedback helped the founders realise that children needed an avatar that could be present not just in the classroom, but in the breaks, so they can keep up their friendships and develop socially with their peers.

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But when I came out of hospital they disappeared and I was devastated.” Now Jade has a new social life through a robot called AV1 that she has nicknamed Bee.