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Live sex camera droks

The response was this in its entirety (emphasis mine): Hello and sorry for my delay, I’m Sgt. ONLY AFTER you receive the car and you inspect it(for 10 days) e Bay will release the payment to me; in this way we are both protected.

This detailed vehicle makes the exterior looks like it just came off the assembly line. VIN Number: 1hgcg1655ya068349 It was never involved in any accident, not even minor ones. The interior is super clean, mechanically, it runs like a cat on carpet.

What is it about us that people adore even if we’re so painfully awkward?

It has a clear title ready to be signed and notarized on your name.

Sgt Robert Mclean I might have fallen for the first reply if the scammer would just be a little for creative in their approach. American servicemen can drive their cars overseas without registering them there. Why would a serviceman have a car shipped overseas if he could not register it?

Apparently, an epidemic of ads like this is on all kinds websites, including the sale of motorcycles, ATVs, jet skis, motor homes, trailers, and even farm equipment. The pattern is the same: a coveted item (BMW, Kobota Tractor, Honda motorcycle, etc.) worth ,000 to ,000 is offered for a pitiful amount – 00 to 00 with a long-winded “backstory” behind it.

Typically if you look at their feedback, you’ll see it is some little old lady in Arkansas selling dolls.

Suddenly, the person is a Seargent in the Army in England selling a car.

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One member of the forum responded with this advice: 1. You wire them the money, thinking you scored big and that’s the last you hear of them.