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One day, Joon Ki, who used to like Ji Won and Ji Won meet by coincidence. And one day, she finds something her late father left behind and finds out about what happened between her father and Seung Wook.

Seung Wook and Ji Won face so many obstacles while preparing for the wedding. .--KBS World A murder of a woman in her 20s in the middle of Seoul.

And Yoon Soo becomes the chief mourner of the house.

He has never been treated that way so he gets confused.

Kyung Woo is in multi-level sales business and he comes already drunk. They play go-stop and there seems to be some tension between Jung Sook and Ji Ho.

What's Kyung Pyo's intention and will her restaurant do well?.--KBS World Seung Wook and Ji Won have been dating for 6 years and they are about to get married.However Ji Won is upset at Seung Wook's unenthusiastic attitude towards their wedding.Yun Shim runs away to become a gisaeng, a female entertainer, thinking that smiling for life is better.But it's not easy as she's a daughter of a dirge singer, a low-born.

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.--KBS World It's Jung Sook and Ji Ho's daughter Hye Jin's first birthday.

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