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Originally I wrote a feed reader using Angular JS with a back end based on the Slim Framework and the Simple Pie feed parser, but during writing the app it became more and more complex since I exceeded the point where an app fits into one or two tutorials.

Therefore, the app discussed here is a radical stripped down version of the originally developed feed reader using the Google Feed API instead.

I think this was a typical programmer wants to be a designer problem :) . cu Caco — Caco · Jan 15, pm · # I tried taking your code (as is) and uploaded it to build.to make an android apk file.

When I run the app on my android phone it only shows the blue title bar and the manage button.

The screen shot below show the app displaying a management view, every change performed in the right column is updated in the left feed list, too.

This service manages the feed list and persists it, with the use of the event, which gives the controllers the opportunity to refresh the list if it has been changed outside the controllers scope.

Since the feed look up does not return the feed title, on a successfully URL lookup, the feed has to be loaded for fetching the title, too.

The API response error handling is a little bit inconsistent, occasionally a which should be equals 200 can be used for determining if a URL has been found, but from time to time the response status is 200 and no URL is given, this is why I was forced to bloat the checks a little bit.

How difficult would it be to display images form the feed?The subscribed feed get saved using the Java Script local Storage API.The API provides JSONP besides JSON and XML as return format, supports JSONP as a method likes GET, POST... The API is very clear and has just two functions, one returns the URL to a sites feed by the given site URL and the second function returns the feed items by the given feed URL.However the manage button doesn’t do anything and nothing seems to work.When running it in browser using Ripple it does work.

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I was not sure if using a broadcast is the best way to archive this.

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