Is angelina jolie dating brad pitt danielle fishel dating

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Virtually every step of the way, the publication’s tales haven’t matched what’s actually going on with the former couple.

Frankly, we don’t expect the outlet’s future stories to, either.

As for what’s next for Jennifer and Brad, Pitt has reportedly continued to stay in touch with her after getting her number with help from Quentin Tarantino. For now, however, Lawrence is in New York while Pitt is based in Los Angeles. The age difference may be a challenge, with reports that the gap in age between Jennifer and Darren caused their breakup.

But the insider insisted that Jennifer should consider herself fortunate to have Brad focused on her.

For Angelina though, it might be difficult seeing her ex-husband look as good as he does right now.

Instead of sitting at home and feeling depressed about his problems, he’s hitting the red carpet like he’s still in the prime of his career.

It seems , wrongly implying he won custody from her.

Nonetheless, the tabloid maintains he’s “getting ready to take the reunion public.” Yet the magazine doesn’t say when or how that will happen.

Rather, it quotes the aforementioned pal, who conveniently claims the pair is “keeping the reinvigorated relationship under the radar for now” so as not to “confuse” their children.

Sure, it’s without a doubt that Brad Pitt misses his old life and his family, but at this point there’s no way that he’ll ever get back with Angelina Jolie, especially after the vicious and nasty public smear campaign he endured following their separation.

He’s done with the past and is moving forward with his life.

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Brad reportedly recognized that Jennifer meets his requirements when it comes to appearance, fame, and dating preferences. [Jennifer Lawrence is] gorgeous, the hottest name in Hollywood and seems to like older guys,” clarified the source. Law has dated men in her age range, she is known to have a history of dating famous older guys.