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(Greg Cook)A psychedelic pattern of waves and dots electrifies Ottavio and Rosita Missoni’s machine-knit 1972 women’s ensemble (foreground).

Like Geoffrey Beene’s 1972 quilted silk dress (background), it’s an example of how high fashion reinterpreted homespun hippie crafts.

By the 1940s, both had become part of African American jive slang and meant "sophisticated; currently fashionable; fully up-to-date".

The Beats adopted the term hip, and early hippies inherited the language and countercultural values of the Beat Generation.

The origins of the terms hip and hep are uncertain.

Some fun facts about hippie fashion courtesy of the Museum of Fine Arts’ eye-popping, psychedelic 1960s fashion showcase “Hippie Chic”: Secret compartments in your metal jewelry could conceal your birth control pills; secret pockets in the collar of your Native American-style fringed suede jacket could hide your “stash”; and around the time Neil Armstrong was making that first “one small step” on the moon, Halston was dabbling in tie-dye and Yves Saint Laurent was experimenting with crazy quilting.

“Hippie Chic” (465 Huntington Ave., Boston, through Nov.

Not only did the producer add a vanity card at the end of episode one, but at the end of every episode (visible for about two seconds, readable when freeze-framed).

The main text included various "beliefs" of the producer, as well as various outlooks on life.

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