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For a single model, we measure goodness of fit based on the empirical distribution function, and define failure when the distribution of observed values significantly diverges from the modelled distribution.

For a set of models, the same statistic can be used to provide relative weights for the individual models, and we define failure when there is no linear weighting of the ensemble models that produces a satisfactory match to the observations.

Modelle, die ein schnelles Verschwinden des Arktiseises postulieren, sind offenbar wenig vertrauenswürdig. Bei den Prognostikern ist zwischenzeitlich eine goße Diskussion ausgebrochen. Even in a warming world, researchers should expect such unusual periods of no change — and rapid change — at the world’s northern reaches, according to a new paper.“Human-caused global warming is melting Arctic sea ice over the long term, but the Arctic is a variable place, said Jennifer Kay, a fellow of the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder and co-author of the new analysis out today in Nature Climate Change.

Erst ab 2055 könnte es soweit sein, falls die Erderwärmung ungebremst fortschreiten sollte. Wissenschaftler nehmen heute an, dass sich das Meereis im arktischen Atlantik in den nächsten zehn Jahren wieder vergrößern wird, wie Eos 2016 unter Hinweis auf Yeager et al. Natural ups and downs of temperature, wind and other factors mean that even as sea ice slowly melts, random weather can mask or enhance the long-term trend.

Here we present methods to detect when climate predictions are failing to capture the system dynamics.

Here we consider variance and autocorrelation in the context of sea ice loss in an idealized model of the global climate system.

The model features no bifurcation, nor increased rate of retreat, as the ice disappears.

For decades, scientists have been concerned about such a point of no return, beyond which sea ice loss is irreversible.

This concern was supported by mathematical models of the key physical processes (known as process models) that were believed to drive sea ice changes.

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“One relates to how heat moves from the tropics to the poles and the other is associated with the seasonal cycle.

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