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Furthermore, I would argue that even if the accumulation of these facts led to the impeachment of Trump, his fans would be convinced that the real estate tycoon was the victim of the “conspiracy of the Washington elite,” not simply against Trump but against the “little guy” whose interests, for some unknown reason, the eccentric billionaire has decided to defend.

As for Clinton’s supporters, they do not need to prove anything.

Most of all, the information provided did not touch the person of Donald Trump; at most, it pointed to negligent staffing by a businessman engaging in grand politics.

Therefore, if the FBI really takes up the “Ukrainian trail” in the matter of the US elections, in the best case scenario for the Trump team, it may or may not reveal Manafort’s contacts with Ukrainian “Regionals,” but in the worst case, it may reveal the former campaign manager’s contacts with the Kremlin.

Therefore, the exchange of allegations and reports on sympathetic TV channels will add little.

I have no doubt that such tactics may be important in shaping public opinion.That, in fact, is the extent of Ukraine’s role — real or imaginary. First, the representatives of the Trump campaign concealed their contacts with Russians who promised to help them with information on Hillary Clinton.And this was not only the case with the previously unknown Veselnitskaya, but with the Russian Ambassador Kislyak.The Ukrainian diplomatic mission is accused of cooperating with Alexandra Chalupa, an American of Ukrainian descent and a “contractor” with the Democratic National Committee, who helped collect compromising information on Paul Manafort, who was Trump’s campaign manager at the time.But the fact that Ukraine was providing such information was not a secret even during the election campaign.

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is using now in response to the exposure of his contacts with Veselnitskaya.

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