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Davey havok dating now

When we were writing the record there was really nothing else to write about because it was so present and so permanent in my life at the time.” When queried on specifics of the turmoil fuelling the record, Havok shies away.

“We typically spend a lot of time working on the songs so we're totally happy with them when we enter the studio. We spent about a year and a half, writing for months.

I couldn’t envision the physical copies of this book without his artwork. I believe five years will have passed between the release of Pop Kids and LFLA.

During the interim I have co-written and released, Burials, XTRMST, Material, Blood, DREAMCAR…

So did he run and hide, or dig a deep hole (and jump in)? Havok “turned around and tucked back in and stretched the shirt out, kept going.” That’s how it’s done.

was written and edited all over the world, and in the skies above it, but the majority of it was tapped out in a West Hollywood coffee shop.

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Also, I am thrilled to have Sean From Texas illustrating.