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Dating vintage brooch clasps

(Janet can't find anything she can afford to resell; I can't find anything I can afford, period), we discover a shop with more encouraging tariffs: Dary's, a Victorian—or, one should say, Napoleon III—treasure trove of miniature porcelain shoes, Edwardian powder boxes, enameled perfume vials, sterling picture frames, metal-mesh flapper purses, and jewelry that ranges from goofy mid-century plastic pieces to diamond extravagances.You can't just accumulate this kind of merchandise overnight, and in fact, Colette Jacob, the store's chic proprietor, tells us that her family has been here since 1932.The shops specialize in everything from militaria to Scandinavian modern furniture, and there's plenty of jewelry, with most of the high-end dealers congregating on the lower level.At a little shop in the arcade called Ar'Them, the young, hip dealer glances up from the British antiques newspaper he's reading to answer Janet's excited inquiry about an elaborate gold and white-enamel bracelet in the window.That afternoon I found out one difference between the hopelessly romantic amateur collector (me) and the professional dealer (Janet): I was wearing a pretty, if completely unreliable, Art Deco wristwatch.Janet, despite her halo of Pre-Raphaelite hair and slim hands laden with sapphires and diamonds, had opted for a foolproof Swatch.More tantalizing are the two watches he takes from his bag next: a classic tank from 1942 and a strikingly modern version from 1959, with subtle lines replacing numerals.They're priced at about ,000 and ,000, respectively—in the same ballpark as their descendants, the modern quartz-movement watches sold at Cartiers all over the world—and they're sorely tempting, especially when you notice how stylish Alain's wrist looks, sporting a 1936 tank, as he lifts cup to lip.

Basic jewelry making is easy and fun to do with enormously satisfying results in a relatively short period of time.I'm mulling this over as Janet gives me a quick lesson in French antique jewelry: what the English-speaking world refers to as Victorian is called Napoleon III here; French dealers don't mind if pieces are dirty (you'll sometimes find old makeup caked behind the stones); by definition, all French antique gold is 18-karat; weight is only one of many factors to consider with old pieces—cut and setting can be equally compelling.Perhaps most important, Janet tells me, is to listen: if a dealer waffles when asked outright about quality or provenance, assume the worst. Linde, Janet spies two huge heart-shaped coral earrings dating from about 1860, carved with flowers and tiny bees.It is both inspirational and informative with many entertaining posts which help you learn about jewelry, gemstones and jewelry making. ) to catch the latest posts and check back often for updates to this hub."This is where you would have bought your jewelry in the nineteenth and early twentieth century," Janet Mavec tells me as we sweep across the Place Vendôme on a brilliantly sunny Paris morning.

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Janet wants to know if it's by one of her favorite craftsmen, a 19th-century master named Falize.