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Approval This again can have a strong connection with the father/daughter relationship.If dad was a bit of a rebel you might unconsciously seek his approval by taking home someone who is like him if it isn’t the best choice for you.Or you may choose a bad boy to fit in with your social group even if it doesn’t feel like the right choice for you.Awareness Be aware of your patterns – if you keep choosing the same type of person to date you are going to get the same result and bad boys rarely become good partners.When you meet someone you need to ask yourself if you want to share your life with them as they are now rather than someone you think they may become in the future as tempting as changing them might be.As one woman said – ‘I knew he was right for me because he was everything I wanted to change in a man.’ We all know that the good girl/bad boy story rarely turns out well but nevertheless countless women are still drawn into these relationships – many find relationships with regular, reliable, secure and emotionally balanced men boring and even though they know the heartache involved with bad boys they still feel compelled to go for them.Christan Marashio, founder of And Thats Why Youre, adds that “it's normal for people to have some trouble crafting a profile and to use self-deprecating humor to lighten the mood.

Even though his all-consuming passions eventually destroy both him and his beloved Cathy, many women want to be loved with that intensity because they envisage hot sensual kisses, secret trysts, deep conversations and, mostly, being loved and desired with fiery passion.Some women think they will be able to tame them – become the object of that passion and through their love the bad boy will be transformed into the good husband like in Beauty and the Beast.We are lead to believe that this transformation is possible because films and books are full of these stories.Dating someone like Heathcliff might start off very passionately but you could end up feeling overwhelmed, suffocated and controlled.Heathcliff was bitter and angry because of events in his past and he would rather his Cathy died than be with anyone else.

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And, interestingly, marriages that begin online are less likely to result in separation or divorce, and those that remained married are happier than their offline counterparts.

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